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by violent means by the yanukovych government. the violence was a form of self-defense against the attempts of riot police to try to disperse protesters through force from the streets. now the yanukovych government has been toppled, i don't think that violence is a serious issue that threatens ethnic russians in crimea. this is completely a bogus imagined threat that russians are on purpose creating in order to find a pretext to intervene in ukrainian territory to organize and cover up this aggression in crimea and further in the east. >> i'm going to get some community in. steven just tweeted in . . . and i want to go to you with, this speaking about the ukrainians now, do you think ukrainians have lost out on this narrative? can they control their destiny, or are they just being used as a upon now by self interested parties. >> first of all everybody must know there is no united ukraine. ukraine is two different nations, two different countries, and because of [ inaudible ] policy of [ inaudible ] this country survived until recently, but i always warned and i have many, many publications
. . >>> also on the program - china ramps up defense spending as the united states cuts back. >>> three of al jazeera's
they call the local self-defense units, which are these local groups that have been formed by the residences. but yeah, clearly this was organized. >> so if this is organized, why take it out on a un envoy? >> i'm not saying it is the right thing. it may be a very bad decision on their part, and i don't condone it. they clearly see this as somebody who is not friendly to their interest. but they shouldn't be behaving this way. >> again, a un envoy being ceased in crimea, and nick schifrin telling us that the envoy appears to have been taken to the airport and escorted out of the country. we are attempting to verify as much of this information as we can. these reports right now are very preliminary. it's about a quarter to 8:00 right now, in ukraine. do we have phil ittner on the phone? >> yes, i'm here. >> phil what are you making about what you are seeing and hearing about now? >> i can report here in kiev, and i have to be very careful about this. this is coming from the ukrainian foreign ministry. they have put on a statement saying that the un envoy was stopped by a group of armed men wh
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)